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Willem Zuur was born on 12-05-1985 is a great actor, known for his film The Village as a character Gerald. Excluding actor, He enrolled as editor. As a local inhabitant of USA, Willem talk in English. Willem Zuur age is 32 years in 2018. Willem Zuur twitter account is DrZuurbekjeNL .

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Willem Zuur Bio
Gender Male
Known Name Willem Zuur
Nick Name Willem
Willem Zuur Age 32 Years
D.O.B 12-05-1985
Willem Zuur Height 1.75 Meters
5'9" ft
175 cm
Hobbies Macrame, Lapidary, Yoga
Language English
ProfessionActor and Editor.
Willem Zuur Spouse Lina Zuur (20 June 2011 - present) (2 children)
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Life is ultimately about the impact it has on others.
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