Triinu Kivilaan Height, Age, Bio 2018

Triinu Kivilaan was born on 04-08-1987 in Viljandi, Estonia is a by rank , known for her film The Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final as a character Herself - Swiss Entry: 8th Place. As a citizen of Estonia, Triinu talks in Estonian, Russian. Triinu Kivilaan age is 30 years in 2018.

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Triinu Kivilaan Bio
Gender Female
Known Name Triinu Kivilaan
Nick Name Turtle
Birth Name Triinu_Kivilaan
Triinu Kivilaan Age 30 Years
D.O.B 04-08-1987
Triinu Kivilaan Height 1.7 Meters
5'7" ft
170 cm
Hobbies Juggling, Worldbuilding, Pet
Language Estonian,Russian
Birth PlaceViljandi.
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Movies Worked in
She had been modeling for several years when she came in the group in 2004.
Favorite singers/bands: Pink, Linkin Park, The Rasmus, Incubus.
She is the youngest member in the band.
Plays bass guitar for Vanilla ninja.
Her rival in the casting for Vanilla ninja was Charelen Rennit.
Her favorite actress is Julia Roberts.
When she was two years old her parents divorced. After that she lived with her mother and stepfather.
Learned piano, saxophone and bass for four years and she is now Vanilla ninja's bassist.
Her siblings are Kerli and Markus.
She participated in the show "Miss Modell Estonia" and got the 3rd place.
Other members of Vanilla ninja are:Piret, Lenna and Katrin.
A key reason that Triinu was chosen to replace Maarja Kivi was their similar appearance.
Parents names are Tiiu and Kaido Kivilaan.
She attended Carl Robert Jakobsoni Nimeline high school in Viljandi.
She replaced ex Vanilla Ninja member Maarja Kivi.
She has already competed successfully in several singing competitions.
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