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Srijit Mukherji was born on 23-09-1977 is a most loved actor, famous for his movie Baishe Srabon appeared as Writer. Beyond actor, He accomplished as assistant director, director, editor, music man, production designer, writer. As a native of India, Srijit talks in Hindi, English. Srijit Mukherji age is 40 years in 2018. Srijit Mukherji twitter account is srijitspeaketh . Srijit Mukherji instragram account is srijitmukherji .

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Srijit Mukherji Bio
Gender Male
Known Name Srijit Mukherji
Nick Name Srijit
Srijit Mukherji Age 40 Years
D.O.B 23-09-1977
Srijit Mukherji Height 1.8 Meters
5'11" ft
180 cm
Hobbies Digital arts, Crossword puzzles, Lacemaking
Language Hindi,English
ProfessionActor, Assistant Director, Director, Editor, Music Department, Production Designer, and Writer.
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His Wife : "udpate soon..."
His Girlfriend : "udpate soon..."
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His Date of birth is 23-09-1977 and age in 2018 is 40 years.
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