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Shibani Kashyap was born on 12-01-1979 in Delhi, India is a actress by rank , famous for her film Zinda as a role of Composer. Aside from actress, She is also a composer, music man. As a citizen of India, Shibani talk in Hindi, English. Shibani Kashyap age is 39 years in 2018. Shibani Kashyap twitter account is kshibani . Shibani Kashyap instragram account is shibanikashyap .

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Shibani Kashyap Bio
Gender Female
Known Name Shibani Kashyap
Nick Name Shibani
Shibani Kashyap Age 39 Years
D.O.B 12-01-1979
Shibani Kashyap Height 1.73 Meters
5'8" ft
173 cm
Hobbies Couponing, Video gaming, Lacemaking
Language Hindi,English
Birth PlaceDelhi.
ProfessionActress, Composer, and Music Department.
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Her Husband : "udpate soon..."
Her Boyfriend : "udpate soon..."
Her Date of birth is 12-01-1979 and age in 2018 is 39 years.
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