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Sheeba Chaddha was born on 1-01-1973 in Delhi, India is a actress by occupation , popular for her movie Raees appeared as Raees's Mother. As a citizen of India, Sheeba talk in Hindi, English. Sheeba Chaddha age is 45 years in 2018.

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Sheeba Chaddha Bio
Gender Female
Known Name Sheeba Chaddha
Nick Name Sheeba
Sheeba Chaddha Age 45 Years
D.O.B 01-01-1973
Sheeba Chaddha Height 1.65 Meters
5'5" ft
165 cm
Hobbies Baton twirling, Metalworking, Origami
Language Hindi,English
Birth PlaceDelhi.
Sheeba Chaddha Husband udpate soon...
Sheeba Chaddha Boyfriend udpate soon...
Movies Worked in
Often confused with actress Sheeba (Suryavanshi) due to them both having the same name.
Frequently Asked Questions
Her Husband : "udpate soon..."
Her Boyfriend : "udpate soon..."
Her Husband : "udpate soon..."
Her Boyfriend : "udpate soon..."
Her Date of birth is 01-01-1973 and age in 2018 is 45 years.
Her Husband : "udpate soon..."
Her Boyfriend : "udpate soon..."
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