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Rubina Ali was born on 21-01-1999 in Mumbai, India is a great actress, known for her movie Slumdog Millionaire as a role of Youngest Latika. As a local inhabitant of India, Rubina talk in Hindi, English. Rubina Ali age is 18 years in 2018. Rubina Ali twitter account is Rubinaa80191977 .

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Rubina Ali Bio
Gender Female
Known Name Rubina Ali
Nick Name Rubina
Birth Name Rubina Ali Qureshi
Rubina Ali Age 19 Years
D.O.B 21-01-1999
Rubina Ali Height 1.63 Meters
5'4" ft
163 cm
Hobbies Playing musical instruments, Drama, Fashion
Language Hindi,English
Birth PlaceMumbai.
Rubina Ali Boyfriend udpate soon...
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Personal Quotes
It was amazing, America was amazing. I loved the pizza there. People are so beautiful. I'm happy to be back, but I want to go to America again.
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