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Pierce Gagnon was born on 25-07-2005 in Atlanta, United States of America is a actor, famous for his movie Looper appeared as Cid. As a native of United States of America, Pierce talks in English. Pierce Gagnon age is 12 years in 2018. Pierce Gagnon twitter account is ThePierceGagnon .

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Pierce Gagnon Bio
Gender Male
Known Name Pierce Gagnon
Nick Name Pierce
Pierce Gagnon Age 12 Years
D.O.B 25-07-2005
Pierce Gagnon Height 1.27 Meters
4'2" ft
127 cm
Hobbies Stand-up comedy, Gaming (tabletop games and role-playing games), Foreign language learning
Language English
Birth PlaceAtlanta.
CountryUnited States of America.
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Older brother of Steele Gagnon.
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