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Noriko Sakai was born on 14-02-1971 in Fukuoka, Japan is a professional actress, famous for her film Ju-on 2 as a role of Kyoko Harase. As a native of Japan, Noriko speaks Japanese. Noriko Sakai age is 46 years in 2018. Noriko Sakai instragram account is sakai.noriko .

Noriko Sakai Image: Noriko Sakai.jpg
Noriko Sakai Bio
Gender Female
Known Name Noriko Sakai
Nick Name Noripî , 酒井法子 (Japanese), Sakai
Noriko Sakai Age 47 Years
D.O.B 14-02-1971
Noriko Sakai Height 1.57 Meters
5'2" ft
157 cm
Hobbies Magic, Computer programming, Model building
Language Japanese
Birth PlaceFukuoka.
Noriko Sakai Spouse Yuichi Takaso (1998 - 31 July 2010) (divorced) (1 child)
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Dismissed from Sun Music Production and her contract with Victor Entertainment canceled, after a drug possession charge was brought against her in August 2009.
Attending Sozo Gakuen University.
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Noriko Sakai

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Tokyo police are trying to determine when the singer and actress Noriko Sakai began using illegal stimulants because she and her husband are giving different accounts Police arrested the. 1995 5 27. Noriko Sakai CM 1986 1989 Glico Canlady Chaco Bombar Ban16 Circle K OK. Ch Th M u Xanh BLUE RABBIT OST NG I SAO MAY M N Hi comment down if you want to request a song Thanks for coming. The ending theme for Gunbuster episodes 1 3 by Noriko Sakai From the soundtrack CD Top wo Nerae Victor Manga Golden Special Majority of the pictures scanned from my personal Gunbuster. Light The Skies Entertainment Another purposed video from mine with a rework upon a very popular song from Noriko I ve made this work as a gift for my first. MAiDiGiTV 2012 12 43. NORIKO SAKAI fmt 18. 80 Noriko Sakai. Noriko Sakai is a Japanese singer and actress She was born in Fukuoka Japan She debuted in 1986 as an idol singer identity and her short hair style smile and youthful image became a talking. NORIKO SAKAI Stella. I love either this song or Nori P Until now I know that she can sing both Japanese and Chinese. Sakai Noriko 1 37th.

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