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Michael Strusievici was born on 03-08-2001 is a most loved actor, famous for his film Mrs. Miracle as a character Judd Webster. As a resident of France, Michael speaks French. Michael Strusievici age is 16 years in 2018.

Michael Strusievici profile pic Image: Michael Strusievici.jpg
Michael Strusievici Bio
Gender Male
Known Name Michael Strusievici
Nick Name Michael
Birth Name Michael David Strusievici
Michael Strusievici Age 16 Years
D.O.B 03-08-2001
Michael Strusievici Height 1.75 Meters
5'9" ft
175 cm
Hobbies Singing, Pet, Sketching
Language French
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Movies Worked in
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Michael Strusievici

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