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Great actor named as Mathew Karedas was born on 11-06-1964 in Portland, United States of America, famous for his movie Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance as a character Joe Marshall. Beyond actor, He enrolled as producer. As a native of United States of America, Mathew talks in English. Mathew Karedas age is 53 years in 2018. Mathew Karedas twitter account is mkaredas .

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Mathew Karedas Bio
Gender Male
Known Name Mathew Karedas
Nick Name Mathew
Mathew Karedas Age 53 Years
D.O.B 11-06-1964
Mathew Karedas Height 1.91 Meters
6'3" ft
191 cm
Hobbies Origami, Yo-yoing, Tatting
Language English
Birth PlacePortland.
ProfessionActor and Producer.
CountryUnited States of America.
Mathew Karedas Spouse ? (June 1988 - 2010) (divorced) (2 children)
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Imagined that he'd become the next John Candy instead of becoming an action star.
Father of Courtney Karedas.
Once worked in loss prevention for Sears in which he would watch the CCTV screens for shoplifters.
Ran a video store straight out of high school for three years.
Also does stand-up comedy.
Former bodyguard to Sylvester Stallone.
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, Mathew Karedas is on twitter with 19.43 thousands followers. Username is mkaredas
Update will be made soon on net worth, stay in touch.