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Loved actress named as Kitana Jade was born on 08-12-1978, known for her film Bondage Jeopardy on the Job! as a role of Actress. As a resident of USA, Kitana speaks English. Kitana Jade age is 39 years in 2018. Kitana Jade twitter account is KItana_JAd3 .

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Kitana Jade Bio
Gender Female
Known Name Kitana Jade
Nick Name Kitana
Birth Name Cherie Roberts
Kitana Jade Age 39 Years
D.O.B 08-12-1978
Kitana Jade Height 1.6 Meters
5'3" ft
160 cm
Hobbies Cabaret, Coffee roasting, Baton twirling
Language English
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Personal Quotes
I don't really consider myself any one nationality. My mom is half Vietnamese, a quarter Chinese and a quarter French. My dad was half Native American, a quarter German and a quarter English. My dad passed away when I was 9. I was mostly raised by my mother. So, I consider myself more Asian than, you know, Caucasian or anything else. But most people consider me to be Caucasian because I don't really look Asian.
Created her own photography website in 2005.
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