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Great actor named as Kenta Suga was born on 19-10-1994 in Edogawa-ku, Japan, famous for his movie Always san-chu00f4me no yu00fbhi as a character Junnosuke Furuyuki. As a citizen of Japan, Kenta talk in Japanese. Kenta Suga age is 23 years in 2018. Kenta Suga instragram account is sugakenta1019 .

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Kenta Suga Bio
Gender Male
Known Name Kenta Suga
Nick Name 須賀健太 (Japanese)
Kenta Suga Age 23 Years
D.O.B 19-10-1994
Kenta Suga Height 1.68 Meters
5'6" ft
168 cm
Hobbies Coloring, Crocheting, Worldbuilding
Language Japanese
Birth PlaceEdogawa-ku.
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No, we didn't found any Official Kenta Suga twitter acocount. Existed account are fan pages created by users.
Yes Kenta Suga is on Instagram with 128.09 thousands followers. Username is sugakenta1019
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