Dashiell Messitt Height, Age, Bio 2018


Dashiell Messitt was born on 05-12-2014 is a actor, popular for his film Fuller House as a role of Tommy Fuller Jr.. As a local of USA, Dashiell speaks English. Dashiell Messitt age is 3 years in 2018.

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Dashiell Messitt Bio
Gender Male
Known Name Dashiell Messitt
Nick Name Dashiell
Dashiell Messitt Age 3 Years
D.O.B 05-12-2014
Dashiell Messitt Height 1.14 Meters
3'9" ft
114 cm
Hobbies Wood carving, Coloring, Couponing
Language English
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Movies Worked in
He and his brother Fox previously appeared in a commercial and on an episode of Kirby Buckets.
Son of Kacy Andrews.
Before Fuller House (2016), He and his brother Fox were the result of a surrogate, as their mother suffered from infertility.
Twin brother of Fox Messitt.
When he and Fox started at 7 months old, they didn't even know how to crawl. And in the process of doing the show they started crawling and started walking.
Frequently Asked Questions
His Date of birth is 05-12-2014 and age in 2018 is 3 years.
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