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Cindy Sun was born on 22-05-1985 is a actress by grade , known for her movie Shao nian shen tan Di Renjie as a role of Tong Mengyao. As a resident of China, Cindy talk in Mandarin. Cindy Sun age is 32 years in 2018. Cindy Sun twitter account is CooperSunshine . Cindy Sun instragram account is cindy.sun.shine .

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Cindy Sun Bio
Gender Female
Known Name Cindy Sun
Nick Name Cindy
Birth Name Sun Xiaoxiao
Cindy Sun Age 32 Years
D.O.B 22-05-1985
Cindy Sun Height 1.65 Meters
5'5" ft
165 cm
Hobbies Glassblowing, Knitting, Jewelry making
Language Mandarin
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Cindy Sun

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