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Professional actor named as Brandon Tabassi was born on 24-02-1989, famous for his film Argo as a character Young Komiteh at Airport. As a citizen of UK, Brandon speaks English. Brandon Tabassi age is 28 years in 2018.

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Brandon Tabassi Bio
Gender Male
Known Name Brandon Tabassi
Nick Name Brandon
Brandon Tabassi Age 28 Years
D.O.B 24-02-1989
Brandon Tabassi Height 1.7 Meters
5'7" ft
170 cm
Hobbies 3D printing, Knife making, Taxidermy
Language English
Brandon Tabassi Girlfriend udpate soon...
Movies Worked in
Served as U.S. Senator John Kerry's Page and Mentee in the 109th Congress when he was just 16 years old.
Graduated from USC in 2011. Got a Bachelor of Science in Business while studying acting.
Both of his parents came to the United States when they were age 17, a decade apart. His father was a Woodstock Hippie while his mother was a Studio 54 disco queen.
Born in Illinois, raised in Massachusetts.
Served in the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the age of 20 helping to receive such dignitaries as the Director of the CIA, the Mayor of Cambridge, and the Foreign Minister of Afghanistan.
Was asked by Senator Edward M. Kennedy to help with his final campaign at the age of 16. Brandon came back with the most campaign nomination signatures in the election leading the Senator to honor him at the historic Anthony's Pier 4 in Boston.
First appearance on stage was at the age of 17 at the historic Marilyn Monroe Theatre in New York. Elizabeth Olsen played Brandon's girlfriend. 5 years later, they both made their film debuts in Hollywood.
While attending Brooks New England Boarding School, he met Michael Weatherly and Hutch Parker (both Brooks alum) who convinced him he needed to move to Hollywood if he is going to pursue acting.
Frequently Asked Questions
Update will be made soon on argo, stay in touch.

Brandon Tabassi

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