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Anton Forsdik was born on 09-05-2001 is a professional actor, known for his film Either - or appeared as Olle. Apart from actor, He performed as director, producer, writer. As a citizen of Sweden, Anton talks in Swedish. Anton Forsdik age is 16 years in 2018. Anton Forsdik twitter account is antonforsdik .

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Anton Forsdik Bio
Gender Male
Known Name Anton Forsdik
Nick Name Anton
Anton Forsdik Age 16 Years
D.O.B 09-05-2001
Anton Forsdik Height 1.73 Meters
5'8" ft
173 cm
Hobbies Origami, Cooking, Foreign language learning
Language Swedish
ProfessionActor, Director, Producer, and Writer.
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Movies Worked in
He is a student at the famous theater school Calle Flygare since 2012 ,Stockholm, Sweden.
Made his stage debut at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden, (2015).
Frequently Asked Questions
Movie Role Name Contribute
Insiativet (Initiativet) (2016) Jimmy (2 episodes, 2016) Actor
Will (2016) Oscar Actor
Fate (2017) (writer) Writer
The Circle (2015) Rebeckbror Actor
Gåsmamman ()
Jag älskar dig - En skilsmässokomedi ()
Medicinen (2014) Otto (Anton Samuelsson Forsdik) Actor
Either Or ()
Aliki (2016) Classmate Actor
Omaka Par (2015) The Boy (Anton Samuelsson Forsdik) Actor
I don't want to live anywhere else (2015) (producer) Producer
Chasing Summers (2014) Evan Actor
Djur jag dödade förra sommaren ()
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