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Aline Levasseur was born on 07-04-1983 is a actress by position , famous for her film Unforgiven appeared as Penny Munny. As a native of USA, Aline speaks English. Aline Levasseur age is 34 years in 2018.

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Aline Levasseur Bio
Gender Female
Known Name Aline Levasseur
Nick Name Aline
Aline Levasseur Age 34 Years
D.O.B 07-04-1983
Aline Levasseur Height 1.63 Meters
5'4" ft
163 cm
Hobbies Hydroponics, Cabaret, Soapmaking
Language English
Aline Levasseur Spouse Simon Snow (12 November 2008 - present) (2 children)
Movies Worked in
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