About Us

About Us

Every company has a different story, just like we have ours. When ever I see any personality on television or in any live concert whenever later I wants to know more about same person, everytime I was unsatisfied. This made me more energetic to create something like a directory of stars in which information of any artist must be available. So that no one gets irritated  just like me by not knowing someone’s country, language, height or age.

Two years later....

On one day I discussed this topic with my friend and he gave me a brilliant idea of creating a website, website was a most efficient way of creating a large directory and accesible to anyone on a worldwide level. We three of us planned to start a blog, because it was free to create and also a practicing lab for us. After updating few well known profiles we got good response and we continued posting on blog.


Things changed when we were having huge traffic on our blog, so we thought of creating our own platform and that was a website. It took one year to complete this project, with help of PENTAS (our team of five). After two months we felt that speed of data entry was less and we need few more to work for us, so we employed five more. As a result audience response was increased by three times. While response was very effective that we added 23 more to the team of Thestarbio.com, today there are 33 persons in total working for thestarbio project.


This was our sweet story behind the success of Thestarbio.com